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Flourishing Families: Building Resilience and Connectedness

Enhance your parenting SUPERPOWERS through a therapeutic play approach.

connection for protection

This is no ordinary play we are talking about. This is a 30 minute, once a week very special kind of play, based on the widely researched, highly effective educational and skill development modality for parents/caregivers called Filial Therapy (Latin word for parent-child).

This course is for YOU if you are:

  1. Stressed and anxious about your parent-child relationship
  2. Facing problems with your child who is anxious, angry or sad
  3. Feeling stuck and lost as to how to support your child’s emotional needs
  4. Committed to enhancing and strengthening the bond with your child
  5. Going through or have gone through some life changes, transitions or challenges
  6. Ready to try something different

You will start to see your child develop their:

  1. Confidence, self esteem and self worth
  2. Independence
  3. Emotional literacy
  4. Impulse control
  5. Frustration tolerance
  6. Emotional regulation
  7. Social skills

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Parent Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! You can listen to the experience of two parents who completed the program below. Hear about how it has changed their relationships with their child and what the course is like from their perspective.

“I’ve loved the whole course and the amazing insights into not only my son’s behaviour but also my own, which is helping to create a better relationship between my son and I.”

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Overview of Program

In this interactive, structured and straightforward course, you will learn the ‘best’ language to use to communicate with and relate to your child. The course will open up real possibilities in strengthening your parent-child bond and supporting your child to feel secure, confident and resilient.

We teach you some of our ‘tools of the trade’ that play therapists adopt in their sessions to help children who are struggling emotionally. These tools can help children express and process their troubled feelings and develop their emotional intelligence skills accordingly.

This program greatly benefits caregivers by teaching them to understand their child’s feelings, motives and emotional development better. You will learn firsthand the importance of child-centered play, and expand the ways you communicate with your child. These amazing interpersonal skills can also be applied to everyday parenting and relationships. All of these things will lead to less frustration, greater connectedness and a more cohesive family environment.

Cost of the Program: $800 individual, $1400 couple (include manual and resources)

Duration: 8 weeks, starting July 20th 2022

Times: 8pm-10pm AEST on Wednesdays, via Zoom

“Both facilitators were so knowledgeable and genuine. Learnt so much from simply observing their role playing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and teaching me new skills to apply in my everyday parenting.”

-Sofeya, Course Participant 2022

Limited places available!

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Course Outline

The course is designed to be interactive and experiential in nature.  You will have two facilitators, who are trained and registered play therapists. Using a combination of instruction and demonstration of therapeutic skills, role-playing, group discussion, required at-home play sessions, video recordings and supervision, they will create a supportive atmosphere to educate parents.

Week 1: An overview of Filial Therapy principles, philosophy and skill development. How the therapeutic play method can overcome a range of parent child challenges where parents learn how to create a warm, nonjudgmental, unconditionally accepting, genuine environment in which their child feels safe to explore their perceptions of their perceived challenges and struggles.

Week 2: We will look at what toys to use and why, and how and when to set up special play time sessions at home. Parents begin learning the first two key therapeutic skills of structuring and keeping child in the lead and why it is essential in establishing safety and trust for healing and growth to occur.

Week 3: We will cover the next set of core skills that focus on increasing the parent’s sensitivity to their child  and for the child to overcome their perceived struggles through attunement, tracking and reflecting feelings in different types of developmental play. 

Week 4: Whilst special play time is primarily non-directive, there is still a level of structure and direction provided. Parents will learn how to set positive therapeutic limits in a consistent and empathic way to help preserve their child’s self esteem. The role of co-regulation will also be explored as an important component of limit setting and working through a child’s defensiveness or dysregulation.

Week 5: We will break from group teaching and have each parent book an individual consultation with one of the course’s  facilitators following the commencement of their weekly special play time home sessions. We will use this time to watch recording of the parents special playtime session and provide feedback.

Week 6: As the parents continue weekly play sessions at home,  they will be supported to explore therapeutic techniques, the meaning of their child’s play, and their personal emotional reactions to the sessions. These areas will be explored to develop parents’ confidence with the new set of skills they have acquired.

Week 7: This will be the continuation of Week 6 with ongoing opportunities to facilitate personal exploration and skill development, and troubleshoot barriers to the special play time sessions

Week 8: We will cover how to apply these therapeutic skills and generalise them into daily life. Parents will reflect on their strengths and challenges and address barriers to the special play time process.


Here’s what our clients had to say about their experiences with our Filial Therapy program:

Play Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

The filial therapy Helen Barrett provided our family has been life changing. I couldn’t recommend more highly

Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial
Helen taught me how to be empathetic towards my children before we educate them. It’s the empathy that is most vital and it’s not always about fixing the problem. It’s great having someone to talk too about issues your having at home with your Children. The play aspect at home which is 30 mins a week is a great way to connect with your child and have that quality time with them. Thank you Helen for changing the way I connect with my children.

Tulin Kocacik
Play Therapist and Counsellor

Tulin Kocacik is a certified play therapist and counsellor with over 5 years’ experience within community, local government and private practice. Tulin is the team leader of the Unity Therapeutic Play Group in Victoria, run by Play Therapy Australia which aims to provide a sense of belonging for those families who are in need of additional support.

Tulin is passionate about building and strengthening the parent’s capacity and strengths to continue to do the hardest job that is out there – parenting. Tulin’s parent child relationship work (otherwise known as Filial Therapy)  aims to provide a sense of belonging for those families who are in need of additional support.

Helen Barrett
Play Therapist and Filial Therapist

Helen is passionate about conscious parenting, childhood trauma recovery and building emotional resilience and attachment security in children.

An accredited mental health social worker, registered play therapist, certified filial therapist and mother with over 17 years experience within community, local government and private practice.

She is a trained certified group facilitator in Circle of Security Parenting and Tuning into Kids programs with additional training in attachment and infant mental health, neuro linguistic programming, inter-country adoption issues, internal family systems and the relational neurosciences.

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