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Play is the universal language of the child.

Play Therapy Hub houses a co-operative of independent, qualified and experienced Play Therapists in Melbourne’s inner north and west. Our play therapists are dedicated to the highly specialised and evidence-based, child-centred play therapy.

We strive to bring harmony to families by helping little people work through trauma, troubles and childhood road-bumps. From toddlers to primary school aged, our mission is to provide all children (and parents/carers) the tools. These tools are necessary for healthy emotional development, healing, wellbeing, and resilience building, using the therapeutic power of Play.

Play Therapy for Children

For children, emotions are difficult to express verbally.

Kids don’t even have words for most of their feelings yet. Play Therapy uses the natural childhood language of PLAY to help little people communicate and work through inner troubles.

With the insight and support of a trained and qualified play therapist, children are able to

  • Access their troubling feelings, express them, and work through them
  • Heal and recover from the impacts of trauma
  • Conquer behavioural challenges and improving cognitive development
  • Encourage empathy
  • Deepen connections and enhance communication
  • Foster healthy coping mechanisms transferable to adulthood.

Play Therapy lays the foundation of emotional growth for little people to flourish.

Our Services

Similar to the needs of children, to do good work in therapy requires consistency, empathy, safety, shared knowledge, and support.

We have that at Play Therapy Hub. And as a result, you and your family will have it too.

We believe we’re better together.

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Therapy that includes play can calm the storm in your child’s inner world and bring some well-deserved harmony to your home.

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Here’s what our clients had to say about their kids and our play therapy for children services:

Children’s therapy centre

I heard about The Play Therapy Hub when looking for a Child Psychologist for my son, who experienced anxiety. I was unsure what to expect from Play Therapy,  My husband and I feel that Tulin really got to know our son, and we are really grateful for the strategies and insights she has shared, to not only help our son, but all of us as a family. Thank-you Tulin!

Sarah (Mother)
Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Play Therapy Hub kindly ran a parent webinar for our families at Ashley Park Primary School. They were extremely knowledgeable in their presentation and made the information understandable for all who attended. They provided some clear strategies that our families can start to implement in their own homes to build independence in children.

Alisha Campbell (Ashley Park Primary School), Google Review
Play Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Our son has been going to Play Therapy since late 2019. He loves to play and gets so much positive affirmation during the sessions. His self-confidence has improved significantly over this time and he has also progressed in his ability to self-regulate. He has developed a lovely relationship with Natalie and loves going. He is always quick to get dressed and going on his play therapy day. During the lockdown, his behaviour deteriorated significantly. A testament to the great relationship with Natalie is that despite having difficulty with online communications in most other settings, he loved the online sessions with Natalie and was very excited to be able to show her all his toys at home.

Emma & Grant (Parents)

My child has a trauma background. He’s getting the Play therapy for about 9 months now. I can’t not thank Helen enough for her help and support . It’s been a very hard journey but the result is amazing. He has got great control on his emotions. He is a happy boy now 🙂

Mark & Linda (Parents)
Child Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

The play therapy and filial therapy Helen Barrett provided our family has been life changing. I couldn’t recommend more highly

Kathryn Rae (Mother), Google Review
Children’s therapy centre
We have had a very positive and wonderful experience with Play Hub in this very unusual year! We have felt very supported throughout lockdown as a family during our weekly check in via Zoom. My daughter feels very safe and looks forward to playing with Felicity every week, she comes home and continues her play from the sessions. We highly recommend Felicity for play therapy.
Manjari (Mother)

We were desperate to find something to help our 4-year-old with her daily meltdowns when we stumbled across Play based therapy at Play Hub. We made an appointment with Natalie who straight away was reassuring, supportive and understanding of our family’s needs. To say that Natalie has transformed our daughter is an understatement. She has developed our daughter’s confidence, language, and ability to express her emotions and self-regulate. Natalie has equipped us with practical play-based strategies, and we feel more confident to attend to our daughter’s emotional development and help her to self-regulate. She has helped to restore calmness to our home and strengthened our relationship and communication with our children. We are so grateful for Natalie and recommend her to all our friends and family.

Andrew (Father), Google Review
Play Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Helen taught me how to be empathetic towards my children before we educate them. It’s the empathy that is most vital and it’s not always about fixing the problem. It’s great having someone to talk too about issues your having at home with your Children. The play aspect at home which is 30 mins a week is a great way to connect with your child and have that quality time with them. Thankyou Helen for changing the way I connect with my children.

Maryann Perri (Mother), Google Review

My daughter had a lot of trauma at the hospital and was hospitalised every month for first year of life and still quite frequently so has developed a phobia of doctors and even a simple scan request, requires sedation. Play therapy has definitely helped her work on that and she loves it that it is just for her and the therapist. My play therapist, Jean, is really great.

Michelle (Mother)
Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

We began play therapy hoping that it would be an effective way of breaking the difficult cycle that I was in with my son. Our play therapist, Laura, has a beautiful manner with our son and we have valued her insightful observations about what may be underlying his behaviours.

Danielle (Mother)
Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

I want to really thank you Phoebe for all your input and kindness towards us all as a family to support our son in his development. It was the first time he was able to connect with a health professional and accept input. We noticed substantial changes in him and we still have a long journey ahead. You are a wonderful professional and I am sure you will have a brilliant future ahead of you making other families thrive despite all the difficulties.

Elaine and Anthony (Parents)

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